GREENIES Pill Pocket Capsule Soft Dog Treats – Duck and Pea - 2.6 oz. (Pack of 6),Capsule

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  • Contains six (6) 2.6 oz. 25-count packs of GREENIES PILL POCKETS Grain Free Capsule Size Natural Dog Treats Duck and Pea Formula; MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS plus trace nutrients
  • GREENIES Pill Pockets are the tasty, smarter way to help your dog’s medicine go down—without trying to hide pills in human food like messy peanut butter or cheese
  • Your dog won’t be able to sniff out the medicine: Pill Pockets mask the smell and taste, and come in an irresistible duck and pea formula for a stress- and mess-free experience for you both
  • These Pill Pockets Dog Treats are a cinch to use: Drop the medicine tablet inside the pocket, pinch it closed, and give your best friend a tasty snack
  • When it comes to meds, pets are smart—but you’re smarter: GREENIES Pill Pockets are a vet-recommended* medicating treat hack you and your dog will love
  • These easy-to-use medicating pouches make taking medicine a positive experience for your dog

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GREENIES Pill Pocket Capsule Soft Dog Treats - Duck and Pea

From the manufacturer


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It’s the Hassle-Free Way to Give Medicine… Just Fill, Pinch, and Give!

To FILL, hold PILL POCKETS treat in one hand and place medicine into the built-in pouch, dog treats

Using the same hand holding the PILL POCKET treat, PINCH the top of the pocket to close, dog treats

The PILL POCKETS treat is now sealed around the medicine. GIVE to your dog to enjoy! greenies treats

ToFILL, hold PILL POCKETS treat in one hand and place medicine into the built-in pouch.

Using the same hand holding the PILL POCKET treat,PINCH the top of the pocket to close.

The PILL POCKETS treat is now sealed around the medicine.GIVE to your dog to enjoy!

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Veterinarian Recommended #1 Ingredient Is Real Protein, greenies dog treats, natural ingredients

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Hides Medicine’s Taste and Smell

#1 Vet Recommended

Fights Plaque and Tartar

Made with Natural Ingredients

Freshens Breath

Product description

Size:2.6 oz. (Pack of 6)



PILL POCKETS TURN PILL TIME INTO TREAT TIME.GREENIES Pill Pockets Treats for Dogs make it easy to give your dog medicine, with a tasty chicken flavor they’re sure to love. Why hide your pet’s medicine in human foods like peanut butter or cheese when you can give them a healthy dog treat, made with natural ingredients plus trace nutrients instead? Designed by veterinarians, GREENIES Pill Pockets Dog Treats mask the smell and taste of any medicine, taking the stress (and mess) out of giving your canine companion medicine. Whether for large breed or small dogs, these smaller-sized Pill Pockets for tablets make taking medicine a positive experience for your dog. And they’re easy to give: Simply drop a tablet into the Pill Pockets pouch, pinch the top half closed, give it to your pup, and poof: Watch their medicine disappear. GREENIES Pill Pockets are the ingenious way to give your dog their meds—and they’ll never know the difference. * Data on file at Mars Petcare US, Inc. 2018


2.6 oz. (Pack of 6)



  1. Love it

  2. My dog loves them and that is all that counts.

  3. LOVE finding these in a duck & pea formula! I have an older Aussie with some food intolerances and he’s gotten too smart about spitting out tablets hidden in his usual food. These have been the absolute answer! He gobbles these down without hesitation and there’s no longer a battle about him spitting things out, me grabbing them & stuffing them down his throat, and giving him a reason to avoid mealtimes!

  4. Love these! A healthy, easy way to give pills to your pup!

  5. My dog loves these, but don’t smell very good to humans. Had ordered chicken and threw away thinking they were bad, but it’s just how they smell which does dissipate some after opening the “meat” flavored pockets. I break in pieces for the twice daily half pill administration, and glad my small dog loves the taste.

  6. i can get any pill down my extremely picky dogs with Greenies Pill Pockets but until now I couldn’t use them for my oldest dog who has lots of food allergies. The duck and pea is wonderful. Pills easily taken and no bad skin or tummy problems

  7. My dog loves these. Pill taking is a breeze. Buying in quantify assures me I won’t discover some late night that I don’t have any to use.

  8. quick and half the cost of others – perfect

  9. I read many reviews before purchasing these. I have 6 dogs and three have severe allergies. Many of the reviews were about the smell. yes, they stink HOWEVER the dogs love them and that’s the reason for this item—for dogs. So I can handle the smell or hold my breath as I put all of their medication in these and give them to the dogs. Once it’s in their mouth – the smell disappears. I do wish (and maybe I just missed it) they would come in a larger size. All 6 dogs have medications they must take twice a day. Most have 3 pills each or more and I can see that I will be going through these packets way too quickly. The price is a bit more than I would normally pay however it is good for dogs with allergies and because they each have many pills to take twice a day, I need the product to be for animals with allergies.

  10. My dog loves these. Warning: they smell AWFUL. I mean, really really bad (thankfully the resealable bag keeps the smell inside). My dog doesn’t mind that though, and it helped him get through some really awful pills.

  11. Only way my dog will take a pill. She has a permanent twice a day pill.

  12. got here a little late but besides that luv them mind u not for me but the dog

  13. My cats love these as treats, as they have allergies to foods and are on a special diet. This gives them an option for something other than their regular food. Delivery was fast, the shipping box was well-marked.

  14. Posted in error a 1 star but should be a 5 star Hopefully Amazon will remove the error

  15. These are so good for the pet that needs to take pills and sticking your fingers in their mouth is not a good option for you. We fhave a fur baby on several,pills a day. He would figure out ways to spit the pills out. These were a blessing! Not only does he enjoy the taste, but the pills are secure inside the soft chew and he cannot separate the treat from the pill. These are more expensive than other treats, but Amazon provides a bulk amount that is cheaper than the stores. Also, this kind is sugar free, which is important to me.

  16. The dogs love them. The intense meat smell that rushes out of the bag when opened makes me hungry.

  17. She likes the flavor variety. Keeps those pills going down.

  18. good

  19. Stinks to high heaven but my American Bullies love them…this is the only way I can get them to take meds

  20. Works pretty good as a pill pocket.

  21. These work great for disguising pills, our dogs love them!

  22. The Duck and Pea flavor gives my dog bad smelly gas! Chicken doesn’t. Staying with the chicken!

  23. My Frenchie has many health issues, these pill pockets are a life saver! She has very bad allergies as well, so the low allergen formula works great. One slight drawback – the smell is gross at best!

  24. Great product, they just think it’s a tasty treat, not their medicine.

  25. great except the size is awfully large for both tablets and capsules. I can use a tablet pill pocket for at least one capsule. Otherwise, they also dry out if you don’t seal the packet tightly.they do help a lot!

  26. Easy and efficient way to get a product that I need regularly. Wish these had been invented when I had my former dogs!

  27. Perfect for my two Shih-tzus

  28. before buying the duck and pea pill pockets my dog would locate her allergy pill and spit it out whether in a piece of cheese or hot dog or any other dog treat we could devise. I think the duck and pea pill pocket is so stinky that she doesn’t detect the smell of her pill. stinky to me is gross but stinky to the dog apparently equals give it to me now!

  29. We have an epileptic dog who receives medication 4x a day. When he started taking medication the allergy formula still had one of his allergen in it and we tried many other options (hotdogs, dog treats with peanut butter, cheese) and with each method he would get smart and eat around his pills. We are so thankful that they changed their formula so we could start using pill pockets. He LOVES them. We have ordered the 6 pack a few times now and have had no cheeking problems. We have also started to break them in half and that has helped them last longer. Other reviewers are correct, they are SMELLY, but we think that is why he likes them so much. They have made our lives so much easier!

  30. Dogs absolutely love these

  31. Molly the beagle and Weasel the rat terrier love them.

  32. Same here. My dog LOVES these. I can even fit two pills in them and he will still gobble them down. I had tried everything before. My labradoodle could sniff a pill out of any food substance. The chicken were much more pleasant. But now that he has developed allergies, we had to switch to the duck. These have the FOULEST smell. FOUL! I literally hold my breath.

  33. My dog is allergic to chicken so these are perfect. Having said that, it did arrived smushed. It’s summertime so I understand. I just had to wrap the treat around the pill and viola! All good!

  34. I needed a product like this. They are a big hit at my pets plate and and at dosing time. Thanks

  35. My vet suggested these for my cats who have IBD. I wrap the steroid pills that they need to take in these pill pocket, and, well, as they say “A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”! Or a covering of something that tastes good makes the taking of the pill a little easier! A good value for 6 packages!

  36. These are perfect for dogs with allergies. They are a good size for most pills and squish tightly closed so the pill does not fall out. The Lab of the family devours then and has no idea that a pill was administered. These are infinitely better than trying to shove a pill down her throat.Overall, these are soft, easy to use, and apparently taste great and I definitely recommend them.

  37. My Irish Setter loves these for her anti itch pill before each meal. She used to spit out a pill when put in cheese, but gobbles these down.

  38. Could not get my dog to take pills, tried everything. Cheese, Velveeta, peanut butter and would find the disguised pill left on the floor. For some reason these work! She finally gets her pills without being shoved in the back of her throat. They work great!

  39. Fast service. Product was as described

  40. Make sure you get the right size, for tablets or capsules. Dog does like them. Does not even act like she know she is eating any medication.

  41. Best way to get my dog’s meds down.

  42. My allergic dog loves these. He takes daily medication and its easily concealed in them. Does not seem to bother his allergies. My other dog however will not touch them. They are a bit pricey but there are not many other options for low allergen treats. I would recommend this product.

  43. These are fantastic! I had no idea such a thing existed! Now taking meds for my dog is a breeze!!!!

  44. My Bull Dog has allergies. He takes three pills each day. These pill pockets are large enough to slide all of his pills into one pocket and does not upset his system.

  45. My dogs loved it

  46. These pill pockets are wonderful. I have to give my Yorkie medication every day. When she hears the crackle or the Pill pocket pack, she comes running. She thinks it is a treat. She loves the stinky duck and pea formula. Great product.

  47. Was pricey

  48. Best “flavor” to hide pills. Follow the directions so far as handling the pills and make sure it is tucked in all the way. If they smell the medication it might not work for you. Watch out for the puddle of drool – they think it smells great!

  49. These are the only ones my dog can use

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