V-dog Vegan Dog Treats with Superfoods - Wiggle Biscuits Peanut Butter

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  • Contains one 8-ounce bag of mini breathbones (10 dog chew bones per bag)
  • 100% vegan dog chew treats with sweet potato, chia seed and other yummy superfoods
  • Never Any: Animal Products, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Dairy, Factory Farming, By Products, Fake Stuff, Fillers
  • Great for clean teeth and fresh dog breath
  • Pooch Tested & Planet Approved for a smaller environmental pawprint

Product Images

V-dog Vegan Dog Treats with Superfoods

V-dog Vegan Dog Treats with Superfoods

V-dog Vegan Dog Treats with Superfoods

V-dog Vegan Dog Treats with Superfoods

V-dog Vegan Dog Treats with Superfoods

V-dog Vegan Dog Treats with Superfoods

V-dog Vegan Dog Treats with Superfoods

V-dog Vegan Dog Treats with Superfoods

V-dog Vegan Dog Treats with Superfoods

From the manufacturer

VDog- For Pooch and Planet 1A

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All v-dog products are totally vegan, which means we leave out potential allergens like corn, soy, wheat & animal products. This makes our food and treats excellent for sensitive, itchy pups.


Our kibble is made in California and contains 24% protein along with all of the other amino acids, vitamins and minerals your adult dog needs to thrive.


Transitioning to a vegan diet for your pup is easy with v-dog. We pack in all the nutrition they need with tummy-friendly ingredients, so the transition is easy. Just start with 1/3 v-dog and gradually increase over the course of 5-10 days.

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V-Dog Kind Kibble V-Dog Breathbones V-Dog Wiggle Biscuits

No Meat

No Wheat, Corn or Soy


Vegan (See ingredient and nutritional label for details)

Product description

Flavor Name:Mini Breathbones

No more stinky dog breath! V-dog breathbones not work to only improve dental health, they give your pup fresh, cinnamon-y breath. With healthy ingredients you can actually pronounce like sweet potato, pumpkin and chia seed, v-dog breathbones are packed with yummy superfoods that’ll keep your pup happy and healthy. Here at v-dog, we’re vegans and we love dogs of all shapes, sizes and scruffiness. In fact, we love all animals…cows, pigs, chickens, you name it! That’s why we’re passionate about making a difference through our 100% plant-powered products. Our biggest commitment is to the health of your fur baby and we’ve certainly done our research. Dogs are omnivores and can thrive on a nutritionally-complete, plant-based diet like v-dog. Since we use clean, plant-powered protein and leave out corn, soy and wheat, our products are excellent for sensitive and itchy pups. Plus, a vegan dog, like a vegan human, leaves a much smaller paw print on our planet. Yummy, healthy, cruelty-free dog food? High fives (and paws) all around!

Flavor Name

Mini Breathbones, Regular Breathbones, Wiggle Biscuits Blueberry, Wiggle Biscuits Peanut Butter

  1. My dogs love these

  2. Love these! Our two Chihuahua’s go crazy over these and they smell GREAT! Makes the house smell like cinnamon!

  3. My dogs love these. They really remind me of the dentastix but VEGAN! My younger dog gobbles them up but my older one has no teeth so this keeps him well occupied for 15 mins or so. Will purchase again. I bought in medium, my dogs are 10-12 lb shih tzus.

  4. My dog loves these so much that if you try to take one away he’ll growl at you. It really freshens his mouth like nothing else I’ve tried. I have a really small dog and find it easy to break these and have unlike the larger size

  5. My dog loved the bones and she had nice breath after she ate them.

  6. My dogs love them so much the stole the bag off the counter! I will definitely be buying more!

  7. Great vegan teeth treats. Dogs love them.

  8. My boys sometimes don’t do so well with chews, but they are just fine with these! They’ve puked up many Greenies treats before, a real nightmare, so these are an absolute delight. Haven’t been able to 100% cure my youngest’s fish breath, but hey, he still loves em 🙂

  9. my dog love them

  10. Dog loves these and breath smells fresh!

  11. My dog seems to love them. The bones are a little big for him (he is 8 lbs) but it’s ok. A little pricey but last a long time.

  12. Human and dog approved. All the family wanted to chew them, too. They smell like cinnamon-y pumpkin pie. My little chihuahua, however, can completely devour these within 30 minutes (which isn’t really ideal at all to be giving it to him for 5 minutes at a time to make it last), so I won’t be purchasing again, at least as something meant to occupy him.Great product otherwise, though.IT DOES MAKE HIS BREATH SMELL BETTER, but for like, 5 minutes.

  13. Even non-vegan dogs love it! My only complaint is that the price is very high.

  14. My dog loves these……they are pricey though so won’t be a regular treat.

  15. These are awesome! They really help to freshen my dog’s breath.

  16. Pups loved them.

  17. My dog loves these! They kind of smell like pie or something.

  18. Dog loves these!

  19. Good product and my dogs like this but the price is a little steep for what you get.

  20. LOVE that these bones are vegan! The junk put in dog food and dog treats are actually disgusting. These are all natural ingredients and meat free! Our larger dogs finished them off fairly quickly but our smaller dogs (4-6 pounds) took longer to eat them. All 6 of our dogs love them!!

  21. My dog loves them and I love they are vegan and good for her.

  22. My three dogs went nuts for these treats. To make them happy AND improve their breath is a big win in my world.

  23. Both of my dogs love this treat and that makes me happy.

  24. My vegan pup loves them. She is a 10lb pug-chihuahua mix, so I break the minis in half and give her half a breathbone at a time. She can handle a whole breathbone, but if she eats the whole thing (which you know she does!), it ends up being a lot of extra calories for her. Love V-dog products!

  25. Dog was happy and seemed excited to eat them

  26. Amazing product! My dog loves them! They smell wonderful and the ingredients are clean and nutritious !

  27. Both of my dachshunds go crazy for these, they’re obsessed. They smell amazing and definitely work for stinky breath.

  28. Both of our dogs love these bones. One is an Italian greyhound who has always been prone to stomach or gastrointestinal issues, so we’ve had to change her diet many a time. These have been perfect. V-dog food has also been the only food she’s been able to eat daily that doesn’t give her any issues at all! 2.5 years and they’re better than ever at 11 and 3.

  29. My dogs are small, and the treats were too hard for them. I broke them into halves and so we got them through the bag. They did like the taste though!

  30. Our dog loves these treats and we love that they are vegan. We do think they help with his breath, as well. Can be broken in half if you are strong.

  31. These are my dogs favorite! My little guy has some health issues so I need to be really careful of what treats he gets. These are amazing. Healthy ingredients and my dog is crazy for them. He gets so excited!

  32. good it

  33. My dogs seem to like them. I have a 90 lb dog and a 14 lb dog; seemed to work for both of them. The V Dog products are the only dog food products I have ever though that actually smelled appealing enough to eat, love V Dog products so far. This was my first time purchasing.

  34. My dog’s favorite bones!

  35. These are one of my favorite and only treats that I give to my pup. They’re wholesome and don’t make his breath smell bad. I love the nutritious ingredients, too!

  36. I love V-Dog and feed my dog their food too, but these little bones are awesome. She LOVES Them. They also smell really good. Her breath is cinnamon fresh after snacking on them!

  37. My puppies loves these, devours a bone in 10 min.

  38. Save the earth AND the dogs…and dog happiness too!

  39. Happy customer cheaper than on chewy .com vegan omg happyhappy

  40. They help with my little guys breath, he enjoys them a lot.

  41. I’m VERY PICKY about brands and trusting what goes in my 14 year old corgi mix baby boy! He went vegan when I did 5 years ago. I am a vegan chef so I LOOK into ingredients and these not only smell like made from scratch plant based snacks, but THEY ARE. No deception. Thank you for these. My boy loves these. He never barfs after or feels weird. He also maintains nice fresh breath longer with these. Get them!

  42. …My dog likes these treats……I gave him two mini bones ,and he ate them fast, and they seem to be very healthy for him….These V dog treats were recommended by “PETA”, and I will honestly say that my dog enjoyed them….Their a little expensive ,but I will continue purchasing them,as I was looking for a “healthy” alternative to “Blue wilderness dental bones”, and these are perfect.

  43. 🙂

  44. I am trying to get my 4.5 lb yorkie to be a plant based eater. I regret to say that the treats were really hard and I was afraid she would break one of her teeth. I had to microwave the treats then cut them into thirds so she could chew them. She really liked them after I made them thinner and softer.

  45. Little pricey but ingredients are important to us. My dog likes these and they agreed with his stomach.

  46. My little guy loves loves loves these!!! They’re his fav!!! 🐾 Customer for life!!

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